A downloadable SithVsJedi for Windows

A game for two, the goal is to win! by... making your opponent get an "F" mark, you do this by attacking their mark. (you can also heal your own mark, but it takes more time)


player 1: WASD to move, space to attack/heal.

player 2: arrows to move, enter/numEnter to attack/heal

R to restart the game and reset the score, Esc to go to menu and/or exit the game, M to mute all sounds from the menu.

Warning, too much playing of this game might cause problems for the keyboard... you'll see when you play.

feel free to comment, any feedback helps us a lot.

Hope you enjoy.

Install instructions

it's for 64 bit windows, didn't test for 32 yet.

just extract and play. a potato could install it !

just one .exe file in the folder. start it. I dare you...


Sith_Vs_Jedi.rar 43 MB


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The executable seems to be infected with the Nesht.A virus, see the VirusTotal report (42/54).